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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

We are a Service Business! Each day our Small Business Owner clients make dozens of management decisions. Most of those decisions have some sort of an Economic Consequence- in other words, they are going to have more or less money either come into or go out of their business due to each of those decisions. Our job is to "keep score"; to help the client (1) understand the consequences of their management decisions and (2) learn to manage their business more effectively and more profitably. While we may prepare bank reconciliations, payroll checks, tax filings, financial reports or other printed information for our clients, those are not our primary services or products. The primary product we provide to our clients is information about their business - not the paper we send to them.

Our clients have the right to receive our very best efforts. We believe that includes:

  • Reports On Time! - All the Time! -
  • Accuracy!
  • Training!
  • Privacy!
  • Client Financial Statements should be completed and sent back to them within 10 working days of receipt of the final client information. Our clients need timely information. That's what they bought when they began working with us - and it's our job to give it to them.

    - if clients incur penalties or late fees because of errors in the work we do, we will cover them. We believe our work should be the best in town.

    - If our clients knew how to be bookkeepers or accountants, they wouldn't need us. Training them to be more effective in their day-to-day activities will help them be better organized and will pay off in the quality of the information we receive from them. Training can include (1)how to code checks or credit card payments, (2) how to use QuickBooks or other systems, (3)how to read, understand, and/or act on the financial statements, bank reconciliations and other information we send them, and (4) how or when to send their information to us. Some clients will accept and benefit from this training - some may never learn - But we will keep on training all of them anyway. That's what we do!

    - we deal with confidential information on a daily basis. We respect the need for that confidentiality and we don't disclose any of this information to anyone without prior consent, unless that disclosure is required by law.


We believe in working as a team

and helping each member of our team get their work done. But we each must take ownership and responsibility for the completion of our own client work. If we each do our work right, we will all benefit.


3417 Linda Lane, Baldwinsville, NY 13027


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